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Donators Page 2018!

NameDonation AmountFeesTotal Amount
Kenneth Gorski$237,340$237,34
Paul Stoddard$93,48-$0,56$92,92
Henry Dressler$70-$4,98$65,02
Shawn Wetzel$65-$0,74$64,26
David Alexander$600$60
Christian Riera$61,21-$2,48$58,73
Lloyd Jones$60-$2,14$57,86
Eric Palazzo$56,41-$1,66$54,75
Steven King$55-$3,32$51,68
William Finlay$49,850$49,85
Robert Hebb$50-$1,40$48,60
Tom Armstrong$48,200$48,20
Sarah Govier$48,20-$1,43$46,77
Jeff Lafferty$44,80-$0,92$43,88
Stephen Rose$42,670$42,56
Nancy Buswell$40,600$40,60
Shane Williams$400$40
Frederick Baldi$350$35
Charles Susie$350$35
David Coyles$350$35
Jonas Avellana$350$35
Heath Wade$350$35
James Downs$350$35
Brian Francis$35-$0,74$34,26
Brian Stevens$35-$0,76$34,24
Michael Copini$35-$1,79$33,21
Alfred Stephenson$35-$2,49$32,51